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makes mistakes and they need another chance. but she's made too many mistakes. >> we begin tonight with the extreme heat that is blanketing half the country right now. good evening. >> the summer sizzle has kicked into overdrive for us. the stifling conditions have people perspiring from texas to connecticut. the nation's capital is no exception. >> doug is out in the thick of it with conditions at this hour. >> it's hot out here. we've gone up in temperature and in the heat index over the last hour. we peaked out at 97 degrees a little earlier. we were down to 94 last hour. back up to 95, the dewpoint at 69 degrees. that puts our heat index over 100 once again. >> we do have a little bit of a breeze today gusting between 15 and 20 miles an hour. 92 in baltimore, annapolis coming in at 92 degrees. look at the heat index, over 100
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in many locations. la plata 107, fredericksburg, 113. 100 in manassas and culpepper. very hot and humid afternoon today, the good news is,we are going to start to cool down a little bit over the next couple days. your forecast still hot around 9:00 tonight. temperature around 85. 82 by 11:00 and waking up tomorrow morning, temperatures a little above average, temperatures in the mid-70s, i think the humidity will be a little more comfortable and easier to deal with tomorrow. as we move into thursday and friday, it gets even better. we'll talk about that in a little while. this hot weather is causing problems and delays on metro's red line. metro is single tracking between the tacoma park and the forest glenn metro stations. the heat is causing the metal rails to expand. we're told there are 15 minute delays in both directions. this heat is indeed
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uncomfortable. it can be dangerous. craig melvin is down on the national mall with a look at how people are coping with all the heat. >> reporter: you know, i've been struck today by not just the number of joggers here on the national mall, but the number of tourists as well. you talk to them, they tell you, they didn't come to d.c. to sit in their hotel room. but as you mentioned earlier, it's not just d.c. a large swath of this country is dealing with ridiculous heat. they could not seem to leave the heat behind. >> equally miserable. >> they hoped their summer vacation would be cooler. >> we figured it would be in the 80s, was it 100 today maybe? >> the sun did not seem to stop tourists from strolling or running. >> yeah, it takes pretty hot weather to keep me from doing it. >> in many parts of this country the heat has been extraordinary. >> let's look at the numbers, right up into the triple digits as we head into the afternoon.
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>> heat advisories stretching from texas to connecticut, in dallas, tuesday was the tenth straight day of triple digits. in little rock, arkansas, soaring temps forced many to line up outside a nonprofit for help with their power bills. in illinois, the heat has been deadly, a 51-year-old man died when his air conditioner broke and he had a fatal stroke. >> when we see these heat waves, we get a lot more patients coming in with heat related illness. >> the people most susceptible, infants, toddlers and elderly. to avoid a trip to the hospital, doctors suggest common sense. >> stay inside in a cool air conditioned environment. drinking a lot of liquids and making sure you stay hydrated. if you like to exercise do it indoors. if you insist on doing it outside, do it in the morning before it gets too hot out. >> reporter: fortunately we have not had any heat related deaths in our area today, but d.c. fire and ems did tweet a short time
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ago saying a number of ins dp t incidents, more than usual had been related to the heat today. we're live at the national mall. back to you. >> we're impressed that you're not even sweating. that is one cool dude standing out there. thank you, craig. >> appreciate it, sir. a gas main break in upper montgomery county is no longer a danger to the public. yesterday construction crews hit an eight inch gas pipe in clarksburg, forcing authorities to shut down i-270 for 6 hours, washington gas crews have been on the scene all day working to fix it. it's taking longer than it should because last night's storms covered the pipe with mud. all roadways in the area have been reopened. a surprise political shake-up on the d.c. council today in what many saw as political pay back. kwame brown gutted the influence of tommy wells. wells issued the scathing
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report. tom sherwood is here with the story. tom? >> the chairman says he's just trying to make the council more productive. even to some brown supporters, it looks like political pay back. ward six councilmember found himselves the odd man out tuesday stripped by council chairman kwame brown of the high profile transportation committee. the harsh and unexpected move was widely seen as punishment for wells, who as transportation chairman offered a hard hitting report on brown's effort to assign luxury suvs to himself as chairman. chairman brown repeatedly praised wells to reporters, but said he just wanted to make a change, but why. >> it seems like you're consolidating your power and influence within the council. >> why don't you just say that? >> i don't believe that's all the way necessarily true. i do understand that it can be
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seen that way, but that's not the intent. >> reporter: wells who some say is considering a run for chairman in 2014 was surprised by the political motion. despite the tough suv report that embarrassed brown. >> the chair asked me to come down to the wilson building at 9:00 last night. he said he would be assigning the committee to mary chay. >> since that report, has the chairman expressed to you any displeasure about it? >> well, i think we all know that the chair was not happy about that report. >> the leadership turmoil comes as brown is facing a criminal investigation of his 2008 brown re-election committee finances. that and other ethics issues trouble community and business leader like barbara lane. head of the d.c. chamber of commerce. >> you don't want this to play out into next year. we do want the city to move forward. this is a wonderful city. we don't want to be plagued by any of this. >> the city is being plagued by
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three separate criminal investigations affecting leaders. there's no end in sight. a lot of political turmoil. wells' office says he's gotten over 800 e-mails this afternoon saying what happened. >> some of it so hard to understand. >> a lot of people in the business, there's a lot of power back and forth, this is a remarkable change in the middle of a very important game over the city budget. all the things that are going on. the chairman has really thrown things up in the air. >> and too many wounds seem self-inflicted. funeral services are underway for betty ford. sarah edwards has our report from california. >> gerald r. ford, do solemnly swear. >> reporter: as the wife of the nation's 38th president, betty ford took on the role of first
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lady with dignity charm, and a quiet kander. it was her courageous battles that inspired a lasting legacy. outside of the church that is nestled against a picturesque desert landscape, journalists lined up across the street. security is tight and main roads leading to the church were closed down. those attending the service include such luminaries as first lady michelle obama. former president george w. bush who was escorting nancy reagan into the church. also there, former first ladies, hillary clinton and rosalynn carter. mrs. carter became friends with the fords after their white house years will be a speaker today. also there, jeffrey mason, a former director of the betty ford center. he's an alum who sought treatment there. >> after all, she almost single handedly is responsible for the stigma having been removed from addiction.
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but, no one was more approachable. >> the third speaker is cokie roberts. at mrs. ford's request, roberts will talk about how her father reached across the aisle to wok with then minority leader republican gerald ford. it was a time when party politics did not paralyze government as it often does today. known for her take charge attitude, it is no surprise that the former first lady carefully orchestrated her own memorial service to give voice to her passions and concerns about the world today. > following the service, the public will be invited to pay their last respects to a woman known for her compassion and her courage. in palm desert, sarah edwards, news 4. another funeral will be held on thursday in grand rapids, michigan. mrs. ford will be buried alongside her late husband. the trial is underway in the murder of a pizza shop owner in
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northeast robinson. he's accused of killing a man two years ago. he was beaten to death and locked up inside the restaurant. the suspect was receiving payments for marrying the brother of the victim so he could become a citizen. when the payments stopped she got even. a judge sentenced a prince georges county woman to 20 years in jail today for the deaths of two men. prosecutors say the woman was driving drunk when she hit those men last year with her car. elaine reyes reports the woman wasn't even supposed to be driving at the time. >> he was a loving father to his five children. a wonderful husband. he was a family man who will greatly be missed. >> christie says life without her husband roy is like living in a nightmare she can't wake up from. every day the younger kids ask
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for their dad. now she says she has justice for his death. >> it's hard trying to make it and be strong and i'm trying to be strong for them and just keeping faith in god. >> jenny was convicted of driving drunk and killing roy and husto last year. the two men were exchanging information after a fender bender when she plowed into the pair with her car, dragging one of them more than 100 feet down the road. this wasn't jenny's first encounter with the law, she's been convicted of dui before. twice before. montae was in the middle of a third dui case and wasn't supposed to be driving when the most recent incident occurred. she also has convictions from other crimes. the judge called her record terribly problematic. >> how many times do you have to make a mistake or get punished for something.
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and to just keep doing it over and over again. >> she apologized to both families at the sentencing, telling them words can't express the pain and sorrow she feels. husto's sisters are both happy with the judge's 20-year sentence. >> i love him so much. and that if i knew he was going to be gone, i would have just told him so many things. >> he tried to help everybody he could. especially his friends and family. he will be greatly missed. >> in prince georges county, elaine reyes, news 4. coming up on news 4, lawmakers deliver a bad sign for a long-term budget deal. days after a baseball fan fell to his death, another one almost lost his as well. a brand new way to beat the bumper to bumper commute. coming up in sports, john mcenroe has mixed memories about
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playing the kastles in world team tennis. at the home run derby last night, another fan almost takes a big fall trying to catch a baseball. and hakeem dermish is at the
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the taliban is claiming
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responsibility for the assassination of the brother of afghan president hamid karzai. all the sources and countries around the world are not necessarily believing that. he was the younger half brother of the afghan president, he was extremely influential in southern afghanistan, but very controversial too. karzai was rumored to be involved with the opium trade. karzai helped nato forces bring local leaders and the taliban to the negotiating table. he was shot and killed at home today by his bodyguard. the taliban has claimed responsibility for that attack as noted. but there is skepticism about whether or not they really had anything to do with it. president obama met with congressional leaders late this afternoon in another effort to reach a deal on the nation's debt limit. republicans proposed a short term deal, it runs out when the
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president's term expires. steve handlesman reports. as republicans turned up the heat on him, president obama wand if there's no deal to raise the debt limit, 20 billion in social security benefits, payments to veterans and the like. 70 million checks might not be mailed. he spoke to cbs. >> i cannot guarantee those checks go out on august third if we haven't resolved this issue. >> mitch mcconnell fired back saying, the problem is barack obama. >> as long as this president is in the oval office, a real solution is probably unattainable. >> the man in the middle is house speaker john boehner. bainer's got boehner's got a rival. >> our president thinks he's got to condition any prescription to fix these programs on tax increases. again, that's what he's looking for, we're not going there. >> democratic women lawmakers
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demanding tax hikes. refused spending reductions on entitlements. >> we must protect medicare and social security. we will not support cuts. >> reporter: both sides are digging in. >> with republicans pulling any new revenue off the table, democrats will pull entitlements off the table. we'll end up with a very small deal. >> as proof of that, mcconnell floated an 18-month plan to hike the debt limit. >> default is not an option. >> why an 18-month plan? that's how much remains of president obama's first term. republicans plan to defeat him and then pass a long term deficit reduction plan. but for now, tax cuts remains the biggest issue. and it's unresolved tonight with just 21 days left until default. i'm steve handlesman, news 4 at the white house. we can't predict what's going to happen there, but we can predict what's going to happen with our weather. >> and right now we're
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predicting cooler temperatures. that's the good news. we were two degrees shy. >> pretty much nowhere to go but down, right? >> let's hope. we reached 106 yesterday for the heat index. incredibly hot out there. yes, we're going to go down toward the end of the week. out there right now, can you see it once again. hazy, hot and humid across our area. high temperature today 97 degrees, two degrees shy of the record, and today was the fourth day in a row above 90 degrees, the second day in a row with the heat index over 100 across our region. some areas got well above 100 degrees outside today. our current temperature is hitting at 95 degrees, dewpoint of 69. winds out of the north-northwest at 12 miles an hour. we've seen those winds gusting upwards of 20 miles an hour in the afternoon. helping feel a little cooler. 91 in lose burg. 95 in culpepper. right now the pawtuxet river coming in at 93 degrees.
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as far as the heat index is concerned. 110 in fredericksburg. still at the airport, a heat index of 101. a little better up toward the north as we're starting to see dryer air come down. doppler radar, nothing to show you, there's no rain to talk about anywhere around our region. we're not going to see any rain today. we have a slight chance of rain tomorrow. that's about it. you can see the clear skies all across our region. going way out to the west to see any chances of rain out toward portions of kentucky and tennessee. it will come through tonight as a dry cold front. not even a cold front. temperatures will be a lot better behind it. maybe a shower or two well down to the south. maybe southern maryland, maybe down toward fredericksburg, that's going to be about it. only about a 30% chance. high pressure really builds in, and it gets nice in here on thursday. thursday is looking like just about a perfect summer afternoon
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for the month of july. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s, lower humidity and sunshine. not bad to get out there in the water. thinking about going down on the bay, a little fishing and crabbing? 88 tomorrow. isolated showers, winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles an hour. partly cloudy skies, a great day, winds out of the north at about 10 to 15. this goes for the beaches too. we're going to see beautiful weather there over the next couple days. as we make our way through this evening, not bad, partly cloudy, continued hot and a little humid. those winds northwest at 10 to 15 will make it feel more comfortable as the sun starts to go down, for tomorrow morning it will feel a little more comfortable with the temperatures into the 70s. 69 to 76 degrees. continued warm, but a little less humid tomorrow. mostly sunny, isolated thunderstorms once again well to the south, but still temperatures into the low to mid-90s, winds out of the northwest tomorrow at 10 to 15 miles an hour. something different we've been
6:22 pm
doing here doing four days and then adding three days. 87 on thursday. 85 on friday. saturday 86. now we have them on the same photographic for you. temperatures 80s on sunday, 90 on monday. see what we get excited about here, doreen? you loved it. i mean, it's just fantastic. if you'd like us to do the weather live in your backyard, send us a photo of your backyard. >> that's extremely complicated. seven days and then just four. >> you have no idea -- come to my office. >> way to go, doug. coming up tonight. a baseball fan with a rather reckless move that could have been tragic. i'm sergeant morks i want to
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new allegations today in the hacking scandal in great britain. two more of publisher rupert murdoch's newspapers have been drawn into the scandal and
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there's another high profile victim. former prime minister gordon brown was hacked, his phone, while he was in office. back in 2006, a woman nailed rebecca brooks was the editor of the sun newspaper. she contacted the prime minister and his wife sarah. brooks said she knew that their newborn son had just been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and she was going to publish the story. he called her on that moment with the bbc today. >> your son is now going to be broadcast across the media. sarah and i were incredibly upset about it, we're thinking about his long term future, our family. >> in the meantime, a third murdoch newspaper the sunday times is accused of illegally obtaining gordon brown's financial details. and the editor of the sun
6:27 pm
rebecca brooks eventually went on to run the newspaper that has been at the center of the scandal as it began. and that is the news of the world. this afternoon, president obama awarded the medal of honor to one of the army's elite rangers, sergeant first class leroy pettry threw a grenade away to protect two of his comrades in afghanistan. he lost his hand during that raid in 2008. he becomes the second living veteran of the iraq and afghanistan wars to get the nation's top military honor. you can hear from him in an exclusive interview with brian williams after this broadcast. coming up tonight. the final space walk of the space shuttle. the crew of the space shuttle atlantis had to sit this one out. disturbing allegations of sexual abuse at a little girl's slumber party. the man accused has strong ties in local politics. the city of manassas is
6:28 pm
preparing for a civil war invasion. that means tourism dollars. coming up in sports. why nationals pitcher tyler clifford is so hard to hit. clifford is so hard to hit. another fan almost takes a
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in prince georges county, a woman convicted of hitting and killing two men with the car she was driving has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. prosecutors say jenny mattae was driving drunk when she drove into the men last february. she had two prior dui convictions and was driving with a suspended license at the time. a big crowd is gathering in palm desert california. michelle obama and three former first ladies are among the dignitaries who are paying their respects. mrs. ford's courageous battles with breast cancer and drug and alcohol addiction inspired her lasting legacy. a meeting at the white house broke up an hour ago with no new agreement on raising the debt
6:32 pm
limit. earlier today senate minority leader mitch mcconnell proposed a short term conclusion that he called a last choice option. he said it was a message to the markets that default is not an option. >> a prominent member of the falls church community and the husband of a city lawmaker went to court today on child sex abuse charges. >> three young girls took the stand and testified about the alleged crimes during slumber parties at the suspect's house. pat collins has our report. >> michael gardner 47 years old, the husband of a falls church council woman. father of 10-year-old twins, michael gardner charged with sexually abusing three young girls at his home. today a hearing in the case. in this falls church courthouse, a 9-year-old girl climbed into a witness chair, held on to a stuffed animal and told a judge how she had been touched in a
6:33 pm
sexual way by michael gardner. in a soft but determined vice, she told the story of that slumber party that night at the gardner home in falls church. there were six girls, they played hide and seek, watched two movies and went to sleep sometime after midnight. it was then she said she was awakened by someone unzipping her sleeping bag. she said it was michael gardner. she said he slipped his hand under her pajamas and touched her, and then came back and did it again. at that slumber party, another girl testified she too was improperly touched by michael gardner. and in this courthouse today, yet another witness, a 10-year-old girl talked about another sleepover at the gardner house. she said, michael gardner came into the bedroom, lay down next to her and touched her. he asked me if it felt good the
6:34 pm
little girl said. i said no, but after that, she said, he kept on doing it. gardner is represented by peter greenspun a prominent defense attorney. >> mr. gardner do you have anything to say? >> he doesn't have anything to say. these cases are tried in the courtroom, and that's what we're going to do. >> michael gardner's out on a $50,000 money bond. but he can't go home and he can't have any contact with his own children. i'm pat collins, news 4 falls church. >> the case against michael gardner has been referred to a grand jury. a respected football coach is being remembered here tonight. steve trimble was the head football coach in arlington. he was also a former nfl player. he died on monday in his office at the school shortly after running on the school's track that morning. he was 53 years old.
6:35 pm
the school's athletic director released a statement describing tremble as a man with impeccable integrity who will be missed. the prince georges county council swore in a new chief today. >> he is a member of the fire department. he left his post? january. he's been serving as the acting fire chief. he was unanimously approved at today's hearing. some workers in montgomery county wore clown noses to a council meeting today. they say they're not kidding. it's not funny. the members of ufcw local 1994, the president of that union says the council keeps intruding into the collective bargaining process and has created a circus
6:36 pm
atmosphere. some union members wore the red noses to send a message to the council that they're being ridiculous and should bargain in good faith. a proposal that would allow the d.c. government to sell guns is off the table for now. councilmember phil mendelssohn has withdrawn his bill, it would have allowed the district government to operate as a temporary gun dealer. there's been a de facto ban on handguns in d.c. since a man named charles sykes lost his lease and closed up shop earlier this year. he was the only licensed handgun dealer in the city. mayor gray's administration is working with sykes to find a new location for his business. if highs not able to open the location, he will reintroduce the bill. the city of manassas will be undersiege from civil war reenacters and history buffs. the 150th anniversary of the first battle of bull run.
6:37 pm
the four-day commemoration is expected to generate big tourism dollars. jane watrell has our report. >> a park ranger gives a musket demonstration at manassas national battlefield. as the 150th anniversary of the key civil war battle of bull run is commemorated next week. >> americans on the eve of the battle thought that the civil war would be one battle, their side would win, it would be over and we'd all go home. what manassas told us this was going to be a long, long, long horrible bloody war. >> reporter: next week in manassas, there's an invasion of another sort. 40,000 reenacters and civil war buffs will be camped in and around manassas, bringing in millions of tourism dollars. there will be gridlock, so all visitors will have to park at the prince william county fair
6:38 pm
grounds and use shuttle buses to get to the historic stops. >> they actually spend about double what a normal tourist will spend in the state and also spend an extra 50% more time. >> there's a smart phone application to keep them engaged. that uses gps technology to guide them around the bull run battlefield. using an maded content, audio and video. >> you couldn't ask for a better way to reach new visitors, new customers, new people interested in preserving and honoring the history of the civil war. >> reporter: and to return time and time again. megan kennedy says she'll use her app to plan future trips. >> it will remind me of all the things i saw, and help me plan for when i want to come out here and see everything else. >> reporter: 21st century technology to learn about a 19th
6:39 pm
century war. coming up tonight, more on bed bugs. we'll tell you where the complaints are piling up. somebody's come up with a unique way to beat the traffic. and can you still park it in your drive way. a gutsy marine who posted a reques
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>> right here in storm center 4, you know it's on the hot side, 95 degrees, the heat index at 101. the good news is, we do have a little bit of a breeze at 12 miles an hour, 75 degrees overnight tonight in washington. 68 in manassas. 68 up toward frederick. gaithers berg around 90. tomorrow will be a little more comfortable. we'll see lower humidity tomorrow, it gets better toward the end of the week. your forecast day forecast coming up. the final space walk of the final journey of a nasa space shutt shuttle. two astronauts retrieved a broken pump from the international space station and loaded it on to the shuttle atlantis. the crew also installed equipment for a future experiment. the shuttle crew conducts the
6:43 pm
space walks. this time the job was handed over to the space station's crew. atlantis is scheduled to return to earth marking the last flight for the 30-year american shuttle program. it's not like what we saw in the jetsons, but there is a flying car they call it now. it's called the transition, in fact. made by a company in massachusetts. it looks like a car, but it has wings that extend for flight. the transition can be driven with a regular driver's license on the ground. but when you want a fly, you're going to need at least a sport pilot's license. also, it need to take off and land at an airport. and it will cost you about a quarter million dollars. therefore, perhaps, it's fair to say it's not practical unless you work at an airport. >> or unless you're in arizona
6:44 pm
playing at the all-star game. we're going to go live to arizona, where the all-star game is a little more than an hour away, and nationals tyler clifford is all excited about that. the home rung derby is more dramatic off the field than on. john mcenroe returns to team
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a 345 marine with a celebrity crush will get to take his dream date to the dance thanks to a message he posted on youtube. >> i want to invite you to the
6:47 pm
marine corps ball on november 18th in north carolina with yours truly. take a second to think about it and get back to me. >> that was sergeant scott moore asking mila kunis to the marine birthday ball. she was asked if she had seen the video. she said she hadn't but agreed to the date right there on the spot. the annual birthday ball is one of the biggest formal events for the marine corps. >> good for him. >> that is really cool. what a good idea. we're talking baseball i guess, we're talking all-star game, where a bunch of guys didn't show up. >> derek jeter leads that group, a lot of people are steaming about that. think about the guys that are there. especially the first timers and what they're feeling right now. all major league pitchers have their own idiosyncracies and then there's tyler clifford.
6:48 pm
he said he's throwing elbows and butt at you. it's not a fun at-bat when you're facing tyler clifford. his teammates call him gum by, because he's so agile. hakeem is in arizona for tonight's festivities. >> reporter: if tyler clifford gets into tonight's all-star game. don't be surprised if the batter he's facing is walking back to the dugout shaking his head. tyler clifford's delivery is very deceptive and one reason why he's been so successful this season. seven-time all-star is so tough to get a hit against. he's been pitching this way since little league. he pauses briefly in his delivery, throwing the hitter's timing off. he also hides the baseball very
6:49 pm
well. his delivery might look awkward, but it's effective. >> i think i have very high end upper body flexibility a lot like another guy in this room that they call a freak. so i think that deception plays into the success of a lot of pitchers. and fortunately enough just genetically i'm a little bit different than a lot of guys which i think creates that deception they're talk about. >> tyler is having a great year. he's one of the most reliable ones, and sometimes you don't want that normal windup. you want a guy that's deceptive and does some crazy things. that makes it a little more difficult as a hitter. he's doing the right things and has a bright future ahead of him. >> he's deceptive. that's what makes him so good. he's long, lanky and very tall. he's stepping at you. he's very difficult guy to face. and he just -- you know it's going to be a battle every time
6:50 pm
you face him. >> that was andrew mccutchen, he has two career hits against tyler clifford. he's one of the most reliable leaders in baseball. opponents are batting just .153 against clifford. >> you think clifford gets in, yes or no? >> i would say yes. i would say yes, that he'll get in. bruce bochy will use him to get one out, to face a lefty. i like his chances of getting into the game, he's such a tough pitcher to face. >> all right. have a great night. last night's home run derby did not disappoint. it went down to the wire in classic yankees -- red sox fashion. adrian gonzalez crashed a record t tieing homer in the final round. the yankees second baseman became the home run derby king. a scary moment during the second round of the derby. prince fielder crushes a home
6:51 pm
run to right field. remember last week when the fan tragically fell to his death at the rangers game. this could have been eerily similar. a fan on the second level concourse falls over the railing. only to be caught by his brother and friend inside that circle. inside the circle, keith carmichael was pulled to safety. the finals came down to robinson cano and adrian gonzalez. cano hits it into the pool in right field. a fan jumps in after it. gonzalez hit 11 home runs during the final. his pitcher was former nationals manager manny atka. cano with his father jose pitching for him was the definitive star last night. he crushes number 12 to the seats in right field. a wonderful fantastic moment for the cano family. as robinson and his father, jose
6:52 pm
a former major league pitcher himself hoists that trophy high above. can you imagine what that must be like? >> i wish he could smile. >> who's more exciting for us, the father or the son. >> the old man, absolutely. that's my boy there. >> yeah. and now he gets a piece of it. >> the washington castles continue their star studded competition tonight when the former pro turned analyst plays with the visiting new york team. there was drama on the court when he played two years ago at the kastles. john mcenroe took offense to a shot. look at that, mcenroe came on the court to lecture the younger player while the coaches watched. kendrick took his revenge, firing a serve directly at him which do you the ire of the fans. that match gave him interesting
6:53 pm
memories of playing here in d.c. >> mostly good, some not so good. it's hard to play as well as you want. and certainly, you can't play as well as you can when you are at home. they love this thing, that's why i look forward to coming back here, win or lose. you want to shove it down their throats a bit. they come here, get behind their team, they're not overly obnoxio obnoxious. >> i love a good fight on a tennis court. >> how many hits did he go after in a volley. >> mcenroe indignant. >> getting all riled up. that's what makes it fun, isn't it? >> you should have sign the getup he was wearing this afternoon. >> come check that out. >> we'll show you some of that tonight. jim vance asked for it. the mystics lost to the storm today, 79-71. there's troubles. coming up,
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
a growing pest problem could be especially serious for people who are doing a lot of traveling this summer. researchers gathered in washington today to talk about bed bug infestations. they're increasing across the country even at luxury hotels. michelle franzen reports. they are the blood sucking creatures that make your skin crawl. bed bugs, and these hard to spot
6:57 pm
bugs are even harder to get rid of. >> they're small red, brown or oval flat bugs. they look like a bug, you can see them with a naked eye. they like to hide. >> bed bugs are also good travelers, able to hitch a ride in luggage and on clothing. there were more than 12,000 complaints of bed bugs nationwide last year. a jump in large part due to an increase in tourism worldwide. new york city a top travel destination is the leading indicator of the growing infestation. bed bugs have been found in hotels, apartments and office buildings. >> in new york, i consider it to be the canary in the coal mine. it's representative of what is happening in other cities as well. >> bed bugs have been around for centuries. health concerns over the use of pesticides like dtt and the creepy crawly creatures ability to adapt. are just a few reasons they are back in droves. >> we haven't gotten control, or
6:58 pm
found a great way to control bed bugs, there's all kinds of technology coming forward, nobody's really found the silver bullet. >> steam heat, 122 degrees is is the best way to kill bed bugs. and in the past few years, products aimed at keeping them at bay have become comforter. >> the mattress protecter is the place people start to see and feel the infestation. >> experts will help make bed bugs don't keep you from losing sleep. >> one more check on the weather. can we see that 7-day? >> you did like it. i knew you did. i knew it. you know what, i'm going to start with the four days. 94 tomorrow, 87 on thursday, friday and saturday, temperatures in the mid-80s, a 30% chance of showers. let's put all 7 days on there if we can. now you will always have a weekend in every seven-day forecast that we show.
6:59 pm
that's fantastic. >> we are always thinking about the weekend. >> i know you are. it's four days away right now. it looks like temperatures will be a little below normal through parts of the weekend and back above next week. >> thank you, doug. you know that moment right after you've done something really stupid and it's too late to take it back? are you with me on that? there's a woman in england who had one of them last week. she's having her bathroom renovated. she put 1,000 pounds in an envelope to pay the carpenter. she threw out the envelope. she realized her mistake soon after the papers were picked up by the trash guy. she called the recycling center. six wokkers went through a days worth of rubbish. and they found her money. and here's the best part, she sent a

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